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The Kingdom of Cambodia lies south on the border of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam it contains some of the beautiful beaches, the phenomenal temple city of Angkor Wat and a dark, depressing history of the Killing fields. Make sure you have enough time to visit this country as it is filled with adventure, relaxation, nightlife and full of interesting history. Whether you want swim with planktons, Explore a world famous ancient temple city, Relax or party on the lushest beaches of Sihounkville, fire a rocket launcher or understand the shocking and tragic history of what happened during S-21 prisons, whatever your preference Cambodia has it covered.





Located south of Cambodia lies the provincial town of kampot, a quiet charming town perfect for backpackers seeking culture and relaxation.
If its nightlife you are after then Sihanoukville is the place for you. Containing some of the wildest parties you will experience in South East Asia, at the same time some of the nicest beaches.
Phnom Penh
The Capital of Cambodia and the hub of the Khmer empire. It contains the dark history of the ruthless Khmer rouge leader Pol Pot but apart from the history, it offers great nightlife, tasty cuisine and beautiful palaces.
A coastal seaside retreat that is a perfect place to escape the hussle and bussle of Sihounkville, known for its seafood and tropical beaches its a little town of relaxation.
Koh Rong
With its peal white sandy beaches, seas illuminated with planktons, breathtaking views, great cuisine and awesome nightlife its a paradise for backpackers. This tiny Island does have a limited supply of electricity due to its one generator, so you will have to take quick showers, draw out money before you go on the Island and dont expect any wifi, but those issues will not be a problem once you experience this gorgeous island.


Use US Dollars

Dont spend too long in Phnom Penh

Be careful what you eat

Try not to go too far off the beaten track

Beware of your belongings

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