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Home to the stunning, Astonishing, jaw-dropping scenery in the world, Vietnam is truly a place to explore. There is so much culture and history here you will never want to leave, its home to the friendliest locals and fantastic street food and breathtaking landscape. Whether you travel north to south or south to north you will not want to miss a city in between, for best experience travelling we recommend getting a motorbike to take in all the views along the way.





The ancient capital of Vietnam, is one of the most charming and loved places within the country, made up of French and chinese influences the city has alots to offer in regards of culture and history. The locals are friendly and the food is unforgettable, great nightlife and it is easy enough to travel around, what more could you ask for.
Sa Pa
A very unique village located north of Vietnam. Sa Pa is warm welcoming city with the most picturesque views the country has to offer, located on hills containing many rice fields, the scenery is postcard- perfect. the local hilltribes people will make you feel very welcome if you decide to do a highly recommended homestay.
When you witness a photo of a thousand limestone islands surrounded by turquoise waters, then the chances are you were looking at Halong bay. One of the main attractions Vietnam has to offer, it is no wonder it gets so much tourism. There are endless activities to be done here, such as kayaking, water-sports or to relax on the beautiful Cat Ba Island.
Mui Ne
Mui Ne is considered Vietnams Beach paradise resort, great for nightlife, kitesurfing, great restaurants and aslo a perfect place for sand duning.
Nha Trang
A relaxing city at day and a great social nightlife in the evening with its multiple restaurants and bars surrounding the area, with great beach resorts and tropical islands its definitely a place to unwind after your travels.
Da Lat
Located on the central highlands of Vietnam, the climate is referred to as the "Eternal Spring"  but that should not put you off this interesting mountainous city as it is a must for adventure seekers, with canyoning a popular activity here and treks, it really is a place for the thrill-seekers.
Da Nang
Surrounded by palm trees, pristine beaches and marble mountains. it contains great scenery and remarkable food stalls, full of caves for people to explore.
Ho Chi Minh
Once known as "Saigon" this city lies in the heart of the south, filled with French colonial architecture and probably the most insane bike traffic you will ever witness. Great for food markets and for history, definitely check out the war remnants museum and the cu chi tunnels for some very interesting insight on what happened within the Vietnam war.
Hoi An
An Ancient town located on the central coast of Vietnam, a very laid back and charming city it has great views to see within the rice fields, we recommend taking a bike tour to induldge all the scenery and unwind in the evening with some of the best nightlife and cheapest beer you can get your hands on.
Once home of the emperor this city is filled with rich history and culture for people to visit, surrounded by moats and thick walls its a historical sanctuary.


Get a visa before arrival

Be Careful crossing the road in HCM City

update yourself on the weather before arriving

Eat where locals eat

Beware of your belongings

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