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There's a reason Thailand is one of the most popular backpacking destinations in the world. Its tropical beaches with turquoise waters, amazing flavours of the Thai street food and iconic temples will make sure you never want to leave. whether you want to explore the night markets of Koh Samui, learn to dive in the beautiful aquatic life of koh Tao, enjoy a night out in Bangkok, party until early hours of the morning in the famous full moon party of Koh Phangang or relax in the peaceful nature of north Thailand, there is something for everyone in this magnificent country.




This is the capitol of Thailand (the city of angels). It provides some of the most beautiful temples, night life and markets, there is a reason it is a south east asia hotspot.
Chiang Mai
In the very north of Thailand includes the home to the best hilltribes treks and very cultural, religious temples.
Koh Samui
A very popular island home to Beach parties, the best night markets, waterfalls, temples and boat tours. whether you are after a wild night out or a relaxing quiet night out, this island caters for both.
Koh Lanta
Located within Krabi Province, this is an island not to be missed, mesmerising beaches and coral covered sea including beautiful caves and waterfalls.
Surat Thani
Mainly the central transport Hub for  leaving/arriving to the islands.
A City famous for temples, bars, malls and high end hotel resorts. close to beaches and an entertaining nightlife.
Koh Tao
This is one of the most beautiful islands Thailand has to offer, people mainly come here to learn how to dive as its cheap and the underwater beauty is not to be missed. Also good for nightlife.
In the north of Thailand lies a hidden gem. A place to relax and discover the canyon, hot springs and beautiful waterfalls, good nightlife. Not much culture but a utopia for travellers!
Chiang Mai
If its Thailand culture you're looking for then look no further, this lushest, mountainous city is full of temples and wildlife, with options including bathing elephants, canyons, hilltribes visits and rich jungle treks.
Clear crisp waters and incredible rainforests, awesome beaches this is an island not to be missed, with busy nightclubs, bars and markets.
Koh Phi Phi
Home to the world famous james bond beach and the actual beach from the movie "The Beach". Some of the best beaches and lagoons in the world, beautiful sunset views and nightlife, Amazing boat tours and such a small island where everything is walking distance, you will instantly fall in love.
Koh Phangan
The main attraction at New years and every Full moon, it holds the worlds most famous full moon party on Haat Rin beach. If you are a party animal then this is the place for you. contains Watersports, pool parties, Jungle parties, beach parties and cliff jumps.
A more peaceful place in Thailand, home to beautiful Tiger Cave it is a relaxing escape from the usual Thailand madness, it is also the transport hub to islands such as Koh Phi Phi or Phucket.


Take a taxi paid by the meter

Eat local street food

Learn some Thai words

Say "No Stops" when in a tuk-tuk

Beware of your belongings

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