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Just north of Thailand along the Mekong river lies the beautiful country of Laos. Containing the most amazing scenery, Laos should be on everyone's bucket list.

Full of rich culture and friendly locals, this country that once got skipped or rushed on the beaten path has now seen growth in popularity. With its crystal, light-blue lagoons, mesmerising caves, bustling nightlife and engaging hill tribes treks its very easy to see why Laos is no longer a gateway between Thailand and Vietnam and now a Beautiful, must-see country in its own right.





Luang Prabang
Once the capital of Laos, situated inbetween the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers. Luang Prabang includes stunning crisp clear waterfalls, black bear rehabilitation centre, beautiful treks, enormous caves, outstanding sunset views spreading over the beautiful villages and some of the best street markets Laos has to offer.  It offers great street food and an amazing nightlife, but with everything in north south east asia you can expect bars to close at 12, but will most likely find yourself in a 24 hour bowling alley as its the only thing open.
Vang Vieng
The home of tubing which consists of drinking on a rubber dingey visiting bars (think of it as a lazy river bar crawl), just be careful as it can be dangerous if you drink too much, although it has been regulated a bit safer these days its always wise to know your limits. Other than Vang Vieng being a great nightlife scene, it has so much more to offer than that, such as kayaking, ziplining, tubing through caves, the blue lagoon and some of the best hiking routes.
In the south of laos lies an extrodinary city filled with culture, historical heritages and mountainous landscapes overlooking the gorgeous city. It offers great markets, temples with great panoramic views, coffee plantations, waterfalls and ancient ruins.
The capital of Laos, located on the Mekong river with a heavy French influence, it is a city with many great sites. It is not a great place for nightlife or adventures but it has a lot of great history and culture, "Buddha park" is worth the visit to Vientianne alone.
Si Phan Don
You may here this place by the name "4000 Islands" located south of Laos near Cambodia it consists of beautiful landscapes and the eye catching the Mekong river. home to the pink dolphins that are almost extinct. It provides great nightlife and amazing routes to lose yourself in.
Home to great Asian wildlife, it lies like most of Laos on the Mekong river, it contains great temples, Buddhist relics, national protected parks, stunning lakes and museums. A perfect place for those who are interested in archaeology as it contains a dinosaur museum with fossils found just outside the city.


Take a taxi paid by the meter

Eat local street food

Get the slowboat

Be responsible when tubing

Carry US dollars

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