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If its a country filled with beaches, wildlife, religion, history, beautiful landscapes, adventure and the most delicious street food in the world then Malaysia is the country for you. Home of wild Orangutans, there is much wildlife to see in the amazing Borneo, huge sky scrapers in Kuala Lumpur. tea plantations to see in the Cameron highlands, Longhouses to stay in Sarawak, Outstanding sea life to scuba dive in Sepilok and exotic beaches to relax in the Teoman islands. with so much to do in this country its truly overwhelming.





Kuala Lumpur
The capital of Malaysia also one of the central hubs for flights around Asia. Dominated by the 451m tall Petronas twin towers, its a fast growing metropolitan city.
Sabah (Borneo)
North of Borneo you will find Sabah, known for its dense jungles, rainforests, coral reefs and the country's highest peak, Mt Kinabalu.
Tioman Island
A famous island in Malaysia, known for its dive sites, mesmerizing waterfalls, tropical jungles and translucent waters, it truly is the paradise island of the country.
If its culture you are after then Penang is one to check out, In the heart of Penang you will find Georgetown, full of colonial architecture and some of the best food in South East Asia.
The chances are if you are in Malaysia you will hear about this place as it is an off duty-free island. The Island has much more to offer than cheap booze however it has excellent dive spots with its turquoise waters and white powdered sand.
Sandakan (Borneo)
South of Sabah is Sandakan a humble state in Borneo that also contains rich culture, wildlife and tropical rainforests. A great place for homestays and getting to know the locals.
Built by the Dutch in the 18th century, this warm, welcoming town is perfect for anyone interested in history and monuments.
Taman Negara
The 130 million year old tropical rainforest is a breath taking experience for nature lovers. Try walking on the world's longest canopy walkway, great for trekking, camping, village stays and witnessing the natural beauty of the jungle.
Cameron Highlands
A hilly region that will blow you away with its astonishing scenery, known for its tea plantations its perfect for afternoon in front of a beautiful view of the sunset


Take the local transport

Eat local street food

Touching someones head is considered rude

Dont drink in the streets

Do not kiss in public

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